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  • Alexander & Baldwin Presents Sports Spotlight
    Students for Sports Spotlight were selected by athletic officials at Maui County high schools. The Alexander & Baldwin Foundation will make a $100 contribution in the name of each student athlete to his or her high school's athletic fund.
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    1. HHSAA State Boys Volleyball Tournament at KKHS Gym: May 14-16

    2. 2007-2008 Student & Parent Athletic Handbook Revised 7/20/07
            Students participating in interscholastic sports at King Kekaulike and their parents, can refer to this handbook for information concerning rules, policies, and guidelines in athletics. For more information, please contact Kurtis Saiki at 573-8710.

    3. Determining Academic Eligibility to Participate in Athletics
      A. 1st Quarter Grades are used to determine eligibility for 2nd Quarter.
      B. 1st Semester Grades are used to determine eligibility for 3rd Quarter.
      C. 3rd Quarter Grades are used to determine eligibility for 4th Quarter.
      D. 2nd Semester Grades and/or Year Grade (if year course) are used to determine eligibility for the following 1st Quarter.
            At the start of the new school year, all new 9th graders are eligible for 1st Quarter. (Not 9th grade repeaters)
            To be eligible, a student must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA and "no F's" in core subjects. An "F" in a non core subject may not affect a students eligibility unless that F brought the GPA down below a 2.0.

      Example 1:
      Audry Jones 10th Grade 3.43 GPA
      English A Despite a 3.43 GPA, Audry is ineligible because she has an F in a core subject (Geometry).
      PE A  
      Home Economics A  
      Biology A  
      Geometry F  
      Health A  
      Auto Tech A  
      Example 2:
      Karla Saiki 12th Grade 1.71 GPA
      American Prob. C Although Karla passed every class, because she has less than a 2.0 GPA, she is ineligible.
      English B  
      Spanish D  
      Trigonometry D    
      Hawaiian C  
      Poly Music C
      Wt. Training D  
      Example 3:
      Samson Scofield 11th Grade 2.43 GPA
      Algebra B Although Samson has an "F" in Band, Band is not a core subject and his GPA is 2.0 or better. Therefore, he is eligible.
      English A  
      Wld. Hist. & Cult. A  
      Chemistry D  
      Ceramics C  
      Band F  
      Wt. Training B  
            Students on academic probation can practice with their team but must pass grade checks in order to participate in any contest or competition. If you have further questions on the Academic Eligibility Issues, etc., please call the Athletic Director, Mr. Kurtis Saiki.

    4. MIL Transfer Policy: (10/25/07)
      Students, who transferred to KKHS from another MIL School within a 12 month period & want to participate in Athletics, must file an Appeal to be considered for the Winter Season. The deadline for the Spring Season Sports will be on Jan. 7, 2008. Questions? Contact Mr. Saiki at 573-8700 Ext. 1.

    5. Check Announcement Page, Daily Bulletin & Calendar for Updates

    6. Starting school year 2007-08, the sport seasons will be as follows:
      Fall 2007  
      Bowling Boys and Girls
      Cross Country Boys and Girls
      Riflery Boys and Girls
      Volleyball Girls Only
      Winter 2007  
      Basketball Boys and Girls
      Competitive Cheerleading  
      Paddling Boys and Girls
      Soccer Boys and Girls
      Swimming & Diving Boys and Girls
      Wrestling Boys and Girls
      Golf Boys and Girls
      Judo Boys and Girls
      Softball Girls Only
      Tennis Boys and Girls
      Track & Field Boys and Girls
      Volleyball Boys Only
      Water Polo Girls Only

    7. Separate Athletic Card:(8/5/07)
      Students who pay their athletic fee ($20) at the main office may receive an athletic card from the KKHS Athletic Dept. At registration, the Athletic Dept. will set up its own camera (separate from the Student ID/Meal Card) & produce their own MIL cards. During the year, the athletic director will make Daily Bulletin Announcements for his photo/card schedule. They will need to show their receipt from the office, which is their proof of payment.
            The MIL card allows the student to enter KKHS games free and to receive a discount when entering games that other MIL schools are playing. Everyone must pay to enter Play off/Championship games. Fees paid at games are split between the opposing teams. Our athletic fees support only KKHS.

    8. MIL Card?

      A. Where to Buy a New MIL Card? Main Office

      B. When to Buy a New MIL Card? Before or after school, or during Morning Recess or Lunch Recess. Students are NOT allowed to use instructional time to get a replacement card.

    9. Interested In Participating In Athletics? (Mr. Saiki, Athletic Director)
      Any student who is caught using, selling, promoting or in possession of illegal drugs, or under the influence of alcohol, will not be allowed to participate in athletics for that sport season and the next two consecutive sport seasons. The sport seasons are Fall, Winter and Spring. For example - if a student is found with possession of marijuana in January (winter season), he/she will not be allowed to play any sports for that winter season as well as the spring and following fall season. This policy also applies to possession or use of any dangerous weapons.

      Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. To be able to participate in athletics, the students must abide by the rules. So think first and make sound choices.

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