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Updated: 5/23/13

Mrs. Leslie Spencer, Health Aide
Ph. 573-8700 Ext. 268

  • Health Questions? If you have any questions regarding health services, health insurance for students, etc., please call our Health Aide:
    Mrs. Leslie Spencer
    Ph. 573-8700 or 573-8701 Ext. 268
  • Shortage of Tuberculin Skin Testing (5/23/13)
          Due to a nationwide shortage of testing solution required for tuberculin skin testing, the Hawaii State Department of Health has announced the temporary suspension of tuberculosis (TB) clearance requirements. Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11, Chapter 164, requires TB clearance for school personnel, students, food handlers, and workers in health care, domiciliary care, daycare, and residential care facilities. Effective April 11, 2013, the state will not restrict attendance at work or school due to the absence of a TB clearance.

  • Parent Alert on Hand Sanitizers (5/1/12)
    News from the Healthroom:
          Would you drink hand sanitizer? The idea may sound repulsive to most people, but U.S. doctors are warning parents of what may be a fast-growing dangerous trend after several local teenagers were hospitalized in separate incidents with alcohol poisoning from drinking the soapy stuff.
          Hand sanitizer, which has 62% ethyl alcohol, produces a potent drink that can cause alcohol poisoning. Some of the cases involve teenagers who used salt to separate out the alcohol. For more information and articles, please Google: Drinking Hand Sanitizer.

    Click below for more information on:
    1. Clinics
      1. IMMUNIZATION CLINICS for Children up to age 18 without medical insurance (8/11/09)


      3. Other Clinics that Offer TB Testing, Immunizations, & Physicals:
        1. Community Clinic of Maui - 871-7772
        2. Maui Community College Health Center - 984-3493
        3. Kula Clinic - 876-4331

    2. Emergency Cards (4/2009)
      Emergency Cards are of utmost importance for the health and safety of all students. Please be sure to update the main office or Health Aide of any changes in your address, phone/cell numbers.

    3. Flu Season
      Flu is an unwelcome visitor to our homes and communities. Schools can help educate students, their families, and school staff on how to reduce hte chance of getting the flu as well as reduce the likelihood of spreading flu to others. Some useful websites:
      1. The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools,
      2. Center for Disease Control,
      3. Hawaii Dept. of Health,
      4. The Journal for the American Medical Association,

    4. Quest and Medicaid
      - Do you know a child (19 and under) who needs free or low cost insurance?
      1. Call 211 for information - a free call for all islands, or
      2. Go to www.covering

    5. Important Phone Numbers
      1. Drug Hotline - 1-800-NO-METH or 1-800-966-3684
      2. Hawaii Poison Center - 1-800-222-1222

    6. School Physical Exams
      1. Community Clinic of Maui - 871-7772
      2. Maui Community College Health Center - 984-3493
      3. Kula Clinic - 876-4331

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