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School Themes
Na Ali`i 3R's

Respect for Self and Others
Rigor in Learning
Relevancy in Learning

King Kekaulike's Vision Statement

Majestically, on the slopes of Haleakala,
King Kekaulike High School strives in unity
for excellence in living, learning and leading
to enrich, empower, and elevate
our students, our community and our world.

Na Ali'i Motto

Kulia I Ka Nu'u
Strive to reach the summit.

KKHS Alma Mater
"The King's Heritage"
By Lois Bisquera

We proudly stand before thee
In the heritage of old,
Striving for the summit
Of treasures untold.

Gazing from Haleakala
To the ocean so blue,
King Kekaulike High School
Our aloha to you.

The memories that we make here
Will always be dear;
The lessons that you taught us
Will remain throughout the years

Ku ha aheo no makou
I na kupuna
Kulia i ka nu u
O ka na auao

Kilohi mai Haleakala
I ke kai uliuli
(No makou) aloha ia oe

Na hali a e loa a mai
E hi ipoi ana no
Na ha a wina i a o mai
E pa a mau ana no.