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Athletic Department News

By Kurtis Saiki, Athletic Director

(Article from September 2003 PCNC Newsletter)

Basic: Students interested in participating in athletics are required to:

  1. Have an updated physical (forms are available in main office)

  2. Have Medical insurance

  3. Pay the athletic fee ($20) in main office

    Purpose of Athletic Fees: The athletic fees support our KKHS Athletic Department, which is responsible for the following:

    1. MIL (Maui Interscholastic League) dues

    2. HHSAA (Hawaii High School Athletic Association) fees

    3. Catastrophic insurance

    4. Participation fees (KKHS must pay a fee for every sport our school participates in.)

    5. Supplement transportation costs

    6. Supplement supply equipment

    The financial cost to provide an athletic program for our students is large. State funding has been cut every year, and is minimal. Therefore, we must depend on fund raising and student athletic fees to help meet these costs.

Benefits: Besides being able to participate in sports students who pay their athletic fees will receive an MIL card which allows them to attend all KKHS regular season games free and attend other MIL games at a reduced rate. For more information parents/guardians may contact Athletic Director, Kurtis Saiki, at 573-8732.

Sports & Coaches



- Bowling - Michael Ban

- Cheerleading - Adrienne Kawano

- Cross Country -

- Football, JV - David Bui

- Football, Varsity - Dennis Dias

- Riflery, Boys & Girls -

- Volleyball, Boys - Herbert Kalama

- Volleyball, Girls - Karen DeGilmo


- Basketball, Boys - Richard Carosso

- Competitive Cheerleading - Adrienne Kawano

- Paddling - Paul Lu`uwai

- Soccer, Boys -

- Soccer, Girls - Gundi Dancil

- Softball, Girls -

- Swimming, Boys - Tyler Orikasa

- Swimming, Girls - Chris Stankis

- Wrestling - Derek Yoshikane/


- Baseball - Mark Makimoto

- Basketball, Girls - Michael Ban

- Golf - Bob Bangerter

- Judo - Claude Moreau

- Tennis - Marie Holmberg

- Track, Boys & Girls -

- Water Polo