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(5/10/08 Update)

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Grad Nite Meeting
Th, Mar. 22 at 7pm in Cafe

Questions, contact PTSA Grad Nite Chairperson
Fanchette Robinson, at 573-7644 or

Click on the topics below for more information:

  1. Information: Ways to Stay Informed:
  2. Help: Ways to Help
    1. Appreciation Events:
    2. Foodland's Annual Shop for Higher Education Feb. 13-Mar. 25, 2008 5 Seniors received $2,000 scholarships! Mahalo!
    3. PTSA (Parents-Teachers-Students Association) - Foodland's Give Aloha, Reflections, Becca's Closet, PACT, Grad Nite (10/26/07)
    4. School Community Council
    5. Save & Recycle to Help KKHS:
      1. Phone Books - We are collecting phone books to recycle. (3/1/07)
      2. Campbell's Bar Codes - Collect Bar Codes/Lids
      3. Empty Ink Jet & Laser Printer Cartridges & Digital cell phones
      4. OfficeMax & Recycled Computer Printer Ink Cartridges
      5. Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii: Collect Milk bar codes from Haleakala, Meadow Gold & VIVA half-gallon & gallon cartons
  3. Teacher's Wish List 2006-2007

  4. Volunteer

  • Other Resources:
    1. Internet Resources for Special Children (4/22/02)
    2. The Parent Line is a confidential statewide "phone line" for parents and others with concerns about children.

    3. Resource: Lei Making Class' Supply List (2/24/2004)
  • Other Ways to Help your Community:
    1. Help fight Breast Cancer. Click here & again on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in middle) & you'll help donate a mammogram for the underprivilege for free. Corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate a mammogram in exchange for advertising. Thank You!

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    Appreciation Events
    1. KKHS Staff Appreciation Week, first week in May, May 5-9, 2008

  • Internet Resource for Special Children
    This Website has many links to information about children with special needs. Click here for the site. Information is provided on the following: Blind & Visually Impaired, Brain Injuries, Cognitive Disabilities, Communication Disorders, Deaf & Hearing Impaired, Diseases & Conditions, Health Care, Laws, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Rare Disorders, Special Education, Rehabilitation, etc.
    (The DOE does not necessarily endorse the views of this web site or any information on the links.)

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    The student newsletter, Ka Leo O Na Ali`i, is written and produced by students. Interested parents may pay $5.00 at the office and it will be distributed to your student.

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  • Grad Nite (10/26/07)

          Grad Nite is an all-night drug/alcohol-free celebration for our Graduates at an undisclosed location right after graduation until the next morning. Year-long planning for this event is required to make it a successful night.
          Grad Nite is NOT a DOE-sponsored, school function. Every aspect of the event is planned and coordinated by parent volunteers, and the success or failure of King Kekaulike's GRAD NITE depends solely on the kokua of everyone involved.
          For more information, please contact 2007-2008 Grad Nite Chairperson, Fanchette Robinson, at 573-7644 or click here to email (10/26/07)

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  • Office Max & Recycled Computer Printer Cartridges (5/11/08): OfficeMax will accept only Dell, LexMark & Hewlett Packard empty cartridges.)
    If you shop at OfficeMax, you &/or KKHS may benefit.
          $3 Off/Empty Printer Cartridge: OfficeMax will take off $3 from your purchases for every empty Dell, HP & LexMark computer printer ink cartridge. (Limit: 5 cartridges per transaction.)
    [Please note: The OfficeMax often changes their program, so check with the store at 877-9448. If you plan to shop there & need empty cartridges, please contact the PCNC or Registrar's office to pick up empties.]

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    A.     Staff Appreciation Week: May 5-9, 2008

          During Staff Appreciation Week, the PTSA & PCNC hosts a Staff Appreciation Get Together with a meal after school. We encourage parents to write thank you notes for any on our staff who have helped them or their child(ren) during the past year. Donations are received and given to staff at the Get Together. Staff includes: KKHS administration, faculty, counselors, EA's, cafeteria & custodial workers, office staff, security, health aide, athletic director, athletic trainer, behavioral counselors, etc. who work together to help our students learn and grow. (8/1/07)
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  • Parents Newsletter (8/1/07)
    Seven issues will be published this year by the Parent Facilitator, June Kaneshiro to keep our parents informed. The PCNC newsletters this year will be condensed to sheets (or 4 pages) which will include our Principal's message, upcoming events, & other events happening on campus.

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  • eNotes
    Busy parents may appreciate a friendly reminder of upcoming events. If interested, email June Kaneshiro, PCNC Facilitator, at to request being added to her mailing list. Please give your name, your student's name & grade, and your relationship to the child. Click here for a sample eNote (4/2/06)

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  • Foodland Shop for Higher Education: February to March 25, 2008 (5/11/08)
    Mahalo! 5 KKHS received $2,000 college scholarships each!
    For many years Foodland has sponsored Shop for Better Education, a program to benefit out schools & students. Since sy2005-2006, their program became Shop for Higher Education to encourage and help our students to pursue higher education with a competition for college scholarships to graduating seniors. Through the efforts of the Kekaulike Ohana and our community, we received (5) $2,000 college scholarships for our seniors for 2 consecutive years. Mahalo!
          Please designate Kekaulike with your Maika'i Card when you shop at Foodland or Sack N Save!

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  • Parent Volunteers
    If you are interested in volunteering on campus or from home, please call the PCNC facilitator, June Kaneshiro at 573-8710 or email her at

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    Meadow Gold flyer
  • "Healthy Hawaii Schools"
    1. Cut out the BAR CODES from 1/2 gallon & gallon milk containers of these 3 brands:
    Meadow Gold
    2. Drop off at the office or at the PCNC window in Bldg. A

    Result: We're able to purchase supplies at Education Works.
    1/2 gallon bar code = 10 cents
    1 gallon bar code = 20 cents
    Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii has a Healthy Hawaii School Program to help teachers obtain educational tools and materials. Please cut out & turn in these BAR CODES of half-gallon and gallon milk cartons. We bundle them in $5 amounts and are able to purchase items at Education Works.

    Encourage your friends & family to cut & save.

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  • Cambell's Bar Codes

    Click here the product list and what part of the product to keep (e.g. labels or lids)

    Drop the labels, etc. in the colorful, red & white Campbell's container in the office or mail them to:
    King Kekaulike High School
    121 Kula Highway
    Pukalani, HI 96768
    Attention: PCNC June Kaneshiro

    For more information, you can call the PCNC at 573-8710 or check out Campbell's website: here Thank you!

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  • Ways to Stay Informed:
    1. Student Folder distributed to students on the first day of school.
    2. eNotes
    3. Monthly PCNC Parent Newsletter
    4. Some Reading materials relating to parents & KKHS may be found on the revolving stand in the main office.
    5. Student Newspaper
    6. Parent Web Site:
    7. Official KKHS Web Site:

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    PTSA (8/9/07)
    1. PTSA News (9/4/07)
    2. Click here to contact PTSA President, Carol DePonte. The PTSA email address is (8/9/07)
    3. PTSA Board Members (8/9/07)
      President Carol DePonte
      Vice President Dana Hartley
      Vice President Annie Fisher
      Recording Secretary Jenny Shimabukuro
      Corresponding Secretary vacant
      Treasure Christine Riecke-Gonzales

    4. Foodland's Give Aloha: Sep. 1-30, 2007
      Thank you for your support!
    5. Join the PTSA:     Membership fee: $15.00 (8/9/07)
      * Click here to download the information & membership form. (PDF Format, 8/23/07)

    6. Sign Up for eScrip. KKHS PTSA's # is 7282592.
            Safeway Club card members please go online to to continue to designate King Kekaulike.
      Don't forget to renew every year! We earn cash back when you go online & designate KKHS at and shop at Safeway and Macy's.

    7. Grad Nite 2008
            Grad Nite 2008 will be held Thursday, May 29, 2008, following Commencement.
            The Grad Nite Meetings will be held at 7pm in the Student Dining Room:
      March 6
      April 10
      May 1 & 22
            If you have any questions, please contact Grad Nite Chairperson, Fanchette Robinson, at 573-7644 or

    8. PTSA's Becca's Closet: (8/19/07) Our PTSA collects donations of new or barely new prom dresses or formal wear for students (from KKHS & other schools) to pick their formal wear. Nancy & Wendy Rose serve as co-chairs.
    9. PACT (8/9/07)
            The Performing Arts Center Team (PACT) is focusing on getting the Visual and Performing Arts Learning Center built on our campus.
            Performing Arts Learning Center Funds Released! Hooray! Governor Lingle released $650,000 authorized by Act 178, SLH 2005, as amended by Act 160, SLH 2006, for the purpose of financing the design of a new auditorium (Performing Arts Learning Center) for KKHS. Representative Yamashita dedicated time & energy to talk to key people to make this happen. Toby Neal coordinated the grass roots lobbying PACT team (Performing Arts Center Team) that provided the momentum for this idea through a petition. Mahalo to Governor Lingle and Representative Yamashita for believing in us, and the many faculty, parents and students who passionately spoke to our legislators and the Board of Education !! Mahalo!! (11/30/07)

    10. Reflections Program: (10/30/07)
            The PTSA Reflection Program encourages students to express their creative talents & gain recognition in our school, state & national level. This year's theme is "I can make a difference by . . . " We encourage all students to express yourselves in one of these six categories: MUSICAL COMPOSITION, PHOTOGRAPHY, VISUAL ART, LITERATURE, FILM/VIDEO, or DANCE CHOREGRAPHY. Guidelines, rules and entry forms are in the office carousel or with various media teachers. Deadline is December 7, 2007. Please consider participating in this. Questions? Contact PTSA Reflections Chairperson, Marcia Wilmore-Aroyan at Ph. 579-8514 or email her at
    11. State PTSA Convention: April 2008
    12. At the PTSA General Membership Meeting in April 2008 the new PTSA Executive Board was elected.

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      School Community Council
      2007-08 School Community Council (SCC) (8/9/07)
      Chair person:       Sadie Mossman
      Vice Chair:      Agnes Hayashi
      Secretary:       Loren Ayresman
      Click here for a brief purpose, role & responsibility (PDF Format)

      go to the Hawaii Department of Education's website at and click on School Community Council in the blue box.

      Lei Making Class' Supply List
      On Feb. 24, 2004 KKHS parents were invited to a free Lei Making Class from 6:30-8pm led by KKHS parent, Kernette Popock. Below are the lei specifics for those who attended:
      There were 11 types of leis participants could choose to make. The supplies listed will be enough to make 2-1/2 leis (depending on how long you make the leis).

      * Click here to open Supply List in a pdf file.

      * Click here to open Supply List in html file

      Sample of eyelash lei3 Samples of Leis from the lei making class.

      Sample of green/red eyelash lei

      Sample of yellow/green eyelash lei

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