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Pukalani McDonalds in the Evening Light Mahalo for Your Support!
King Kekaulike's McTeachers Night

KKHS Staff Smiles While McDonalds Owner, Grelyn Rosario Holds Check At the End

Pukalani McDonalds Dining Room
Friday, October 18th
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Mr. Rosario & Ms. Grimley...It's her first time working a fast food place!

On behalf of McDonalds & King Kekaulike High School, we wish to thank all of you for coming and supporting our school! So many of you came that we had a 3 hour RUSH! Mrs. Scofield and the PCNC June Kaneshiro think they'll stick with their day jobs! It was hard work trying to keep the orders straight and do it quickly. Sorry, if we messed up your order! McDonald's owner, Grelyn Rosario and Store Manager, Maka Saltiban, were very encouraging and rewarded everyone's effort with a check after 8:00 p.m. for over $400!

A quick shaka between grilling burgers!

KKHS Office Staff Mrs. Shimabuku & Mrs. Ho.  Which would you choose?  Working Drive Through or cooking Fries?  See Mrs. Shimabuku for the answer!

Mahalo to our KKHS staff who worked in the kitchen: Susan Scofield, Trisha Grimley, Grace Shimabuku, Dale Ho, & June Kaneshiro. Ms. Grimley bought little toys, which June's Mom, Ethel Shimogaki, distributed to the children!

It was fun having our staff, students & friends stop by to eat and chat. Even funnier to see the surprise looks when Mrs. Scofield handed out the meals through the Drive Through Window! There were lots of smiles tonight!
PCNC gets  instructions from KKHS student crew member. KKHS Alumni helps Grandma with the toys.

June Kaneshiro
Parent (PCNC) Facilitator
King Kekaulike High School