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Tips on Maui Living

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  1. Bus Service
    (7/6/06) Maui County has recently expanded bus service to upcountry areas. For schedules & information, click here or visit, or call the county at (808) 270-7511 or Roberts Hawaii at (808) 871-4838.

  2. For Teachers only: Presentation Center

  3. CALENDARMAUI.COM for events in Maui County.'s mission is to provide an online gathering place where people can learn about the various events planned for the Islands of Maui, Moloka`i, & Lana`i.

  4. Love's Bakery - Daiichiya, Inc.
    244 Ano St. in Kahului, Ph. 877-3160

  5. Maui Fresh Eggs, Inc.
    198 Makani Road, Ph. 572-8755 near Kalama Intermediate School.

  6. Not often, but once in a while...there's Upcountry "Fog"...Nov. 27, 2001!

  7. Have you heard about the Maui Big Book?(12/10/01)

Maui Big Book: Large Print Maui Phone Book
New Counselor Sandi Tamayose told me about the Maui County Phone Book, also known as Maui Big Book. It's a phone book with the white and yellow pages, but the print is MUCH LARGER....a plus for those of us who struggle to read the tiny print in the Verizon phone book! From what I understand you can get them only at Longs Drugs and Pukalani Superette.
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Love's Bakery
Love's Bakery sells day old breads (still good, but much cheaper). They are located behind Sheik's Restaurant on Wakea Ave. From Kaahumanu Ave. (where Maui Community College is), you turn up Wakea and you'll see Sheik's on your left....(it's back of Liberty House (Kaahumanu Shopping Center). They have a Frequent Shopper Card, when filled (for every dollar spent, the card is stamped up to $22), you can get one item off the manager's rack for 26 cents (tax included). You can purchase just one or buy many kinds of loaves of breads, packaged crackers, packaged pastries.

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Maui Fresh Egg Farm
They sell Grade B eggs by the flat (2.5 dozen)
Egg Size Cost per Flat (30 eggs)
Large Eggs $3.75
Cracked Eggs $3.25
Jumbo Eggs $4.75

Monday,Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 7:00 am - 2:30pm
Wednesday & Saturday: 7:00 am - 1:30 pm

They sell their Grade A to the stores. The Grade B eggs are often larger than large eggs in the store. We enjoyed finding two yolks in many of their large eggs. The eggs are so fresh that you need to wait several days before boiling, because it's hard to separate the shells from the boiled eggs. Great place to buy eggs during Easter...they have sold small eggs, also. They don't take charge cards.

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Presentation Center
New faculty members should know about the Presentation Center located at Maui High School. This is available for Maui District teachers, but you must call ahead (873-3025) to set a time to use the room. The following information is from May 2001 and may have changed with the new school year.

Things Available: -large die cut letters
-animal die cuts
-materials to bind into booklets, etc.
-large paper cutters
-laminating machines
-Copier to make Posters (Limit 5 per year)

Scissors, stick glue, scrap colored paper, large poster board paper (light weight) etc. (they were out of stock on the stick glue when I was there end of May). There's check it out!

Location: back of Maui High School (MHS) library. Enter MHS through their student parking (Kahului School side) and drive on lane that goes around their gym. Follow the lane clear around to back to the library, end of lane. It's in the middle of the back of library, through the fire door which is left slightly ajar. Walk down the hallway, pass bathrooms and you should see the Presentation Center sign on the door.

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Upcountry Fog
Upcountry Fog
Once in awhile we get this view from the Administration Building

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