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1. Ways to Stay Informed
2. Ways to Help

    Ways to Stay Informed
    (Updated 7/27/09)

  1. School Web Site:
    Academics, Administration, Athletics, Students, Support, Counselors, Parents, Clubs, Calendar, Menu, & much more
  2. Parent Web Site:
    Log on to the Parent Website at and read the Announcement page for the Daily Bulletins. Check out the other pages to keep up with your teen. Edited by PCNC (Parent Community Networking Center)Facilitator, June Kaneshiro.
  3. PCNC Parent Newsletter
    The school has a PCNC parent newsletter is free and mailed together with Mid Quarter Progress Reports & Report Cards. Total of 7 issues per year.
  4. PCNC “eNotes”
    If you’d like to receive occasional reminders of upcoming events, deadlines, etc., click here to email PCNC at to subscribe. When requesting to be added to the eNotes Mailing list, please include 1) Your Name, 2) Student's Name(s), 3) Grade(s), 4) Your Relationship to the Child(ren), and 5) Your Contact Phone number. You can expect to receive 5-10 eNotes per month.
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For more information, call King Kekaulike High School Parent (PCNC) Facilitator, June Kaneshiro, 573-8700 Ext. 230, or click here to email her at

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    Ways to Help

  1. PTSA Cookbook (7/27/09)
    Send a Kekaulike cookbook for Christmas or birthday gifts. Copies may be purchased at the Administration Bldg. from Jody or June. Cost: $15 each.

  2. Foodland Give Aloha (7/27/09)
    During September Foodland's "Give Aloha" program encourages non profits, like Kekaulike, to register with them. KKHS Supporters can make any donation at the Foodland cashier by designating Kekaulike to receive it. Foodland will then match all the gifts, up to $200,000. Use your Maika'i card to make donations to our school!

  3. Foodland Shop for Higher Education ($10,00 Scholarship) Program: (7/27/09)
    Foodland annually supports high school seniors by offering (100) $2,000 scholarships for them to pursue higher education. During Feburary to March, Maika'i members, who designate Kekaulike, allows our school to earn points. The top 5 participating high schools that receive the most Maika'i points receives (5) $2,000 scholarship for their graduating seniors. Since starting this program our community & families have helped us to receive 5 college scholarships each year. Mahalo for your support!

  4. Queen Kaahumanu Center's My School's Cool ($10,000) Program (7/27/09)
    This year we are taking a by and will pass along our receipts to Paia School. The program runs from July 2009 to May 2010. QKC will give $10,000 to the school with the highest number of points (in relation to the student enrollment & number of faculty). Each quarter the top 3 point standing schools receive $500, plus one school name will be drawn at random to receive $500.

  5. Join the PTSA: (7/27/09)
    The PTSA supports the school, staff & students. Membership is $15/student,teacher, parent or community member.

  6. Teachers' Wish List & Donations:
    Please check this Wish List page often to see how you can help our teachers help our students. (7/27/09)

  7. Parent Volunteers:
    If interested in volunteering on campus, please call the PCNC at 573-8710 or click here to email PCNC at Volunteers are needed for Students Are Special Day, Staff Appreciation & Grad Parking (assist handicap & elderly, & direct traffic), etc.

  8. "Students Are Special Day":
    One morning during the second semester many KKHS staff, parents & community members volunteer to meet at 7 a.m. to encourage the students by sign waving & wishing them a great day! It encourages our students and builds camaraderie among the adult ohana. Call the PCNC for more information.

  9. Staff Appreciation Week: First Wednesday of the first full week in May (7/27/09)
    In May we celebrate Staff Appreciation Week & our PTSA & PCNC host a Staff Appreciation Get Together with a meal after school. We encourage parents & students to write thank you notes to KKHS staff, who have helped them or their child(ren) during the past year. Donations* are received to give to staff members at the Get Together. Staff includes: KKHS administration, faculty, counselors, EA's, cafeteria workers, custodians, office staff, security, health aides, athletic director, athletic trainer, behavioral counselors, etc. who work together to help our students learn and grow.
          Examples of donations: Door prizes (gift certificates from restaurants, malls, etc.) & Items for Goodie Bags: $5 Gift certificates (e.g. Jamba Juice, StarBucks, Foodland, Pukalani Superette, Cafe 808, Longs Drugs, etc), pencils, pens, office supplies, reams of colored paper, commercially made, individually-wrapped snacks (e.g. granola bars, cookies), bottled water, microwaveable soups, popcorn, movie passes, etc. Click on for more ideas.

  10. Letter to Parents & Flyer: "Be Cool! Don't be a fool in school!"(3/21/06)
          Parents can use this flyer as a way to bring awareness & discussion to their family of different risky behaviors & the consequences that can occur because of these behaviors in school. Please help us to ensure the safety of your child & our school by checking your child's backpack &/or other carry items for inappropriate articles.
          Letter from principal (2/24/06)
          Be Cool! Don't be a fool! flyer (2/24/06)

  11. Save & Recycle, Drop off at the Office:
    1. Campbell Labels
    2. Digital Cell Phones: digital cell phones (Cell phones do not need to work, but we do NOT take Analog cell phones, nor phones that have a cracked screen or cell phones that are damaged beyond repair)
    3. Empty computer printer cartridges from HP, DELL or LexMark (laser or inkjet) Through the OfficeMax MaxPerks program, teachers may receive $3 store credit for each cartridge.
      On Another Recycling Note: The County of Maui has a free weekly Electronics Recycling Program at Re-Store at 970 Lower Main St. & Mamo Place in Wailuku as of Dec. 2008. Drop off your electronic recycles every Tuesday (9am to 2pm) and Saturday (9am to 1pm). Call E-cycling Hotline, 573-4018 for more information.

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