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  1. School Meal Price Change for New School Year: (Effective 7/1/07)
      Regular Student Reduced Price Student 2nd & Subsequent Student
    Breakfast $ 0.35 (No Change) $ 0.20 (No Change) $ 1.50 (Increase of $1.15)
    Lunch $ 1.25 (Increase of $0.25) $ 0.20 (No Change) $ 4.00 (Increase of $3.00)
          First meals are subsidized by the government, but not 2nd or subsequent meals. Students would be wise to use their own student ID card (with the bar code) to purchase their meals. Students who buy their lunch & lunches for their friends, are paying the full price for that subsequent meal.

  2. Applications for Free/Reduced Meal Program: (deadlines, benefits-8/8/07)
          Please turn in the free/Reduced applications. Applications are sent to the state and the state notifies our school, if a student is approved or denied Free or Reduced status. The process takes time, so parents are advised to complete & turn in this application by the end of August. On Wed., Sept. 12, 2007, all students who have not been approved by the state will be a PAID status, and must pay for their meals. This is especially important to public school students, who were in this program last year. The state gives a grace period to free/reduced students from last year, but on Wed., Sept. 12, that grace period ends.
          Other Benefits: Free/Reduced Meal Program students, who take the SAT or AP exams, either have their exam fees discounted or are free. Free/Reduced program students should check with their counselor regarding exam fees. Also, if a certain percent of our students are on the Free/Reduced Meal Program, the school may qualify for Title 1 monies.
          A family may apply for Free/Reduced Meals any time during the year. The earlier you apply, the sooner you may benefit.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: *Wiki is served during the morning recess and usually consists of a sandwich and milk. At lunch the cafeteria serves 3 choices: a sandwich lunch, hot lunch or salad bar. *Wiki is not served on Wednesdays.

    1. What’s the Free & Reduced Meal Program?
      The state and federal government subsidizes meals for students who qualify under the Free & Reduced Meal Program. An completed application must be submitted to qualify. The government ONLY subsidizes the FIRST breakfast and the FIRST lunch/wiki/salad. ALL STUDENTS pay the regular price for seconds.

    2. Why Apply?
      ALL PARENTS are encouraged to complete the application. If you know you do not qualify, please draw a line across the application and write, "INELIGIBLE", sign it and return to to school. Based on the information on the application, your child may qualify for a free or reduced priced meal. Also, because enough parents qualified one year, we received funds under the Title I program to run special programs to assist our students. Free & reduced meal program students should check with their counselor. Students in this program have paid less when registering for the SAT exam or AP exams. (7/30/07 Update)

    3. Where to Get an Application to the Free & Reduced Meal Program?
      Each student will receive an Application to the Free & Reduced Meal Program in their packet of information on the first day of school. The main office will also have a few for those who lose their application.

    4. Grace Period for Public School Students Who Qualified Last Year:
      Public school students, who participated in the Free & Reduced Meal Status Program last school year, have a grace period to submit and be approved for the Free & Reduced Meal Program, so there would not be any disruption in benefits. After that, his/her lunch status will be changed to Paid.

            Please note that the deadline is Sept. 12,2007 for meal applications approval/denial. Status change will be on the 13th of Sept. Also note that there will be absolutely no credit extended if a student does not have enough or no money on their account. (7/30/07 Update)
    5. Where to Submit the Completed Application to the Free & Reduced Meal Program?
        &nsbp   Students should submit their completed application to the Main Office.

    6. How Long Does It Take to Get Approval?
      The state processes the applications and will send out approval/denial letters. Once the school is notified, the Ticket Clerk will make the appropriate changes to the student's meal status. The cafeteria registers deduct the correct amount each time the card is scanned.

    7. Cost for Reduced Status Students
      Reduced meal status students pays $.20 for their first breakfast and $.20 for their first wiki or salad bar or lunch daily. ALL students pay the regular price for SECOND MEALS taken.

    8. Cost for Free Status Students
      Of course, the free meal status students pay nothing for their first breakfast and first wiki/lunch/salad each day. They will, however, pay the regular price for second meals. For an example, if a student gets a Wiki during the morning recess, he/she will have to pay the regular price ($4.00), if he gets a Salad or hot Lunch during the lunch recess. The Wiki is counted as a Lunch. (7/1/07 Increase of $3.00)

  4. Ala Carte
    Students, including those in the free/reduced program, who only take a portion of the meal, e.g. a milk or bread or meat, will pay ala carte. (The free/reduced program does NOT pay for ala carte food.)

  5. Deposit at the Prepayment Cashier at Main Office
    If students have not already done so, they will need to deposit money into their account at the Prepayment Cashier at the Main Office. Much like a bank, students must complete a "Deposit Slip" with his/her name, lunch account number (also known as the "bar code"), and the cash amount to be deposited. The number next to the bar code on their ID card is their bar code number. Deposits may be made ONLY before school (7:15-7:45 am) and during Morning Recess. Checks payable to DOE or Department of Education are accepted.

  6. Receipt
    If parents would like a receipt, the student must fill out a duplicate deposit slip and the prepayment cashier will stamp and sign it as proof of deposit.

  7. Payment By ID Card
    NO money is accepted in the cafeteria. Students must deposit money on to their card at the Prepayment Cashier at the main office. To pay for their food, the student hands the cashier his/her ID card to the cashier, who will scan the card at the register. The computer will deduct the correct amount for the food taken; thus there is confidentiality for the free & reduced meal program students.

  8. Report Lost Student ID Card ASAP:
          Students should report their lost ID cards as soon as possible to the Ticket Clerk in the cafeteria in order to protect their lunch account. If notified, the Ticket Clerk can disable the meal debit card to protect the student's money. If found, the student must report it to the Ticket Clerk as soon as possible, so she can reactivate the ID card. Students may call the Ticket Clerk in the cafeteria at 573-8733.

  9. Lost Cards & Main Office
    Students may check with the main office to see if anyone has turned in their ID card.

  10. $5 For Replacement Cards at Main Office: (8/16/07)
          Students pay for a replacement card at the main office before getting a new ID/Meal card. Students may also update their ID picture during this time. Students are not allowed to use instructional time to get a replacement card.

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