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Parent Tip
11/10/08 [Parent Tips were included in eNotes beginning August 31, 2008.]
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Parent Tip
11/7, F Raising Good Sports: You can teach your [teen] to be a good sport by being one yourself. When you attend a game, clap and cheer for players who try hard, even if they’re on the other team. You‟ll help your [teen] learn to be gracious to everyone in the game. Adapted from Kula Elementary School’s October 2008 Parent Newsletter
11/6, Th Chat Abbreviations: FYI=for your information; LOL=laughing out loud; LY=love you; LYL=love you lots; MA=mature audience; M/F=male or female; PAL=parents are listening; PAW=parents are watching; PIR=parent in room; RBTL=read between the lines; TTYL=talk to you later; TU=thank you; WAI=what an idiot; ZZ=sleeping, bored, tired. -Taken from 2007 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
11/5, W Know school rules. Parent Project
11/3, M Foster independence among your children. Encourage them to cook, clean, and contribute. Brian Tracy, Cited in Bits & Pieces
10/30, Th Actively supervise your teen. Parent Project
10/29, W Children need positive strokes when you catch them doing something right. Positive strokes increase positive behaviors and help children feel good about themselves. Parent Project
10/16, Th Nurture your child's interests. Parent Project
10/14, Tue Model the love of learning. Parent Project
9/23, Tue #2 Have fun together! Live, Love, Learn & Laugh. Parent Project
9/23, Tue #1 Repeat & rephrase. Clarify by asking questions. Parent Project
9/19, F Help your child think and plan for hte iimmediate and future. Parent Project
9/15, M Children need love and affection from their parents everyday! Parent Project
9/10, W Children who are listened to, will also listen to parents. Parent Project
9/8, M #2 Sh..., just listen! Parent Project
9/8, M #1 Listen with your ears, eyes & heart. Parent Project
8/29, F Share your hope & dreams with each other. Parent Project